QGIS training for the
Mining & Exploration community

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13-14 November 2023

Introduction to QGIS

2 day workshop
Perth, Australia

Satellite Imagery in QGIS

½ day workshop
Perth, Australia
What is

QGIS is a free and open source GIS that runs on all major operating systems. It's available in about 40 languages and used worldwide by a large and growing user community. New features are added at a dizzying pace by a talented global team of developers.

QGIS is professional grade and can do the majority of data import, data display, analysis and map production required by today's geoscientists. A wide variety of free geological symbols and patterns are available for mapping, and a growing number of plugins are available to support your geoscience workflow.

About Q4MEx

"Q4MEx" stands for QGIS for Mining and Exploration.

We're a consortium of QGIS experts that have come together to share our passion for the QGIS project with the mining and exploration community.

As independent consultants with a long history of working with open source GIS in this field, we're excited to share our experience with you through a high-quality workshop series focused on QGIS and related tools and techniques.

Our training courses feature data and exercises that will be familiar to those working in the industry as well as graduates.

Mammoth Geospatial, GIS Pro, Grant Boxer


Workshop participants will receive an official QGIS certificate from Mammoth Geospatial (an official QGIS Certifying Organisation). The certificate program provides a mechanism to financially support the QGIS project.